The £30,000 Charity Efforts From Microgaming to Organizations

One of the most renowned software platform and waging game developers for online casinos, Microgaming, has already reached the point where they can already generate millions of dollars every year. This blessing that brought them a huge success in the industry is something they truly thank for. Thus, they initiated a plan to shower their blessings to other people - specifically to some charity organizations in the world. If you want to support Microgaming, you can play their games in the Bet365 casino. Visit to learn how to use their platform and a free welcome bonus that will give you extra money when you make a deposit.

However, Microgaming didn't pick the organization randomly since they want to guarantee that the ones who'll receive their funds are truly worthy of their help. This was decided by the directors and to do this, they picked regions in the world where they would give their charity to. They picked four regions and one organization will be picked from each region, meaning, there will be a total of four who'll receive a staggering £30,000 funds.

Australia, Africa, Asia and the 'Remaining parts of the World' are the four regions picked by the renowned group. Using their long line of connections, they incorporated ideas and opinions from their closest partners and contacts about what charity organization should be included in the list of lucky groups that will receive the donation from Microgaming.

After the long wait, four were picked successfully - 'Hospice Isle of Man' that represented the 'Remaining Parts of the World' Category, 'White Ribbon' represented Australia, 'Change of Heroes' received the honor from Asia, while lastly, Médecins Sans Frontières was the lucky 'pick' from Africa.

The four organization received a check of 7,500 each, accumulating the £30,000 funds promised by the pokies developer. This donation 'idea' was already started by the industry giant by 2013, and from then on, it has showered its blessing to worthy organization that will help other people in return. Now it will focus more on bonuses and rewards for players. The BlackjackNoDeposit site has devoted to its blackjack player base to offer constant bonuses that will help players in earning more and with that donating to the underlying cause that is of great importance.

The groups all had stated their gratitude for the huge donation given to them by Microgaming and they all claimed that this will spell a huge difference and help to the 'cause' that they've been supporting and doing. Let's hope that this annual help from an industry giant will also serve to inspire others to extend their help to other people as well.