How Can One Forget Japan's Earthquake 2011 - Sheer Devastation

Friday March 11, 2011, is a date that will live long in the memory as one of the world's worst ever days for the people of Japan. Join the two words earthquake 2011 together, and this day delivered demolition on a magnitude that has never been seen here or experienced before.

This earthquake 2011 off the coast of T?hoku in the Pacific, reached a magnitude of 9.0 Mw undersea megathrust, at a hypocentre underwater depth of 19 miles. Since the keeping of modern day records in 1900, this 3.11 earthquake is the 4th strongest ever recorded, and the most powerful ever in Japan's history.

As if this wasn't enough on its own, it activated relentless tsunami waves 133 feet high in T?hoku's Iwate Prefecture of Miyako, travelling a further 6 miles inland. With a lot of incredible footage collected by global TV networks, it is staggering to conceive that the country's main island of Honshu ended up being moved 8 feet to the east, and the globe itself was shifted on its axis between 4-10 inches according to some estimates, all whilst captured on camera in real time.

Initial estimates of the T?hoku earthquake 2011 with the exclusion of the resulting tsunami damage, placed insured losses between almost $15 - $35 billion. Also impacting the financial markets and the Yen, on March 14, The Bank Of Japan pumped in $183 billion, 15 trillion Yen, in a bid to stabilize market conditions.

With the World Bank having to step in adding a further $235 billion, it is now confirmed as the most expensive natural disaster, not only in living memory, but world history. It may seem to many to be yesterday's news from the other side of the world, but still the plight goes on for so many people and their loved lost ones. It's never too late to help. As they say, an ounce of help is worth a ton of sympathy, wouldn't one agree?