The Horrifying Fukushima Tragedy 2011

Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world. However, as nature displays its strength, it goes to show that even the most developed countries could crumble at the face of natural disaster. The Earthquake that rocked the Great Eastern Japan possessed a horrifying magnitude of about 9.0 on March 2011. It lasted for about 3 minutes and it caused a terrifying tragedy that marked the history of Japan and the whole world itself. However, the Earthquake was but a prelude to a more terrifying event that hit Fukushima - a giant tsunami that encompassed the Great Eastern Japan.

The tsunami averaged about 15 meters high that caused a shocking death toll of about 19,000 people along with vast amount of buildings that collapsed. Topping all this is a more serious event that brought more disasters to Fukushima. At that moment, three reactors were damaged at Fukushima and this has caused a radioactive accident that spread over the television on 2013.

Thankfully, no deaths regarding the radiation was listed, but in order to guarantee the safety of people near the location and in order to prevent further death tolls and damage, about 100,000 civilians were tasked to evacuate the area for their own safety and security. The early evacuation along with not allowing return immediately, proved to be a great decision especially when radiation were detected on the air of the vicinity.

From the time of the accident, the Japanese government has maintained an incredible focus in sustaining and preventing further damage to people. They have consistently inspected every contamination possible from the air, water and people alike, in order to ensure that no breakouts will occur and that the best decision could be made. The return of the civilians are also top priority, but of course, since contamination is still highly probable, it's thoroughly handled by the government. These tragedy is one of the biggest disasters in the history of Japan and the world, and the deaths that it brought was most regrettable and remorseful. However, the fact that Japan is moving forward shows the incredible strength Japan and its people have.