Who Started The American Red Cross - Is It Really 100 Years Old?

Everybody has heard of the American Red Cross and the good work they do, but how did they arrive on the scene and what for the history of this numero uno, number one, premier humanitarian organisation?

America's Red Cross goes back to May 21, 1881 and was founded in Washington D.C. by Clara Barton and a circle of friends and acquaintances. She had first heard of this organisation following the Civil War whilst visiting Europe, and was so struck by the notion of introducing it into the US, she campaigned for its launch along with the approval to protect those wounded in war by the Geneva Convention. This would be ratified the following year in 1882.

Barton would remain in charge for some 23 years, leading disaster relief efforts both at home and overseas. She also successfully campaigned for peacetime relief work to be continued with the inclusion of an organisational American amendment, something that would be instigated by the organisation on a global scale.

Two congressional charters were introduced the first in 1900 followed by a second the year after Barton resigned in 1905, which included acting as a conduit between armed forces together with their families and offering both international and national disaster relief along with mitigation.

It's true that the Red Cross frequently get taken for granted for being there, but their job is such a valuable and necessary one to society, especially when one considers the global impact that they have.

Like all charitable organisation they need ongoing funds from the public so they can continue to fulfil such a vital role in the manner that they do. Maybe time to dig deep into the pocket to add a little something extra to such a noble cause, perhaps time to do a good deed as well?