4 Years On From The 2011 Tsunami - Nationals Still Without Homes.

How does a nation get over a tragedy of such enormity, the likes that has rarely been seen before and already called the single most expensive natural disaster ever experienced in the world? If not fully sure as most wouldn't be, spare a though for Japan as they recently marked the anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that hit their shores on Friday March 11, 2011.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015, a service was held alongside the remnants of what had been a single 3 story disaster prevention centre, with its now see-through standing frame derelict in Minamisanriku. Cities throughout Japan took this opportunity of marking the fourth year since the earthquake and tsunami blazed their trail, leaving more than 18,000 nationals dead or missing in their wake.

Whole towns had been wiped out and in Tokyo, Japan's Emperor Akihito confirmed the situation remained dire for many survivors. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was also in attendance and would go on to say that much work still needed to be done. The Emperor had already spoken of his concerns for his nation's health, living under such difficult conditions.

A rebuilding program instigated by the Japanese government still remains in place but only until March 2016 when it is set to expire. Mr Abe confirmed that many towns were still not in a position to offer all its residents permanent jobs or housing yet. He continued adding that a new government rebuilding program will be announced by summertime, but there was no mention of how much money will be designated and as to what specific areas.

Why can't all the stops be pulled out to help these poor victims of such a horrendous tsunami tragedy? Rhetoric is one thing, but where is the urgent action, needed now? Unfortunately, it's still on its way.