A Decade After The Tsunami Tragedy in Thailand

Nature delivers the most devastating phenomena of all time. Whatever the technology has become, it still proves that it still sits at a position, more supreme than what we've already achieved. One of the greatest disasters that befell South Asia was one of the largest tsunamis recorded that hit the beautiful country of Thailand.

Ten whole years have already passed since this great tragedy, but the scars left by the tsunami within the heart of the country is still visible as daylight. If you visit the tourist core of Thailand which is the Phuket Island, you'll probably notice that emergency lights are scattered to every room for all hotels. Although the weather is on its peak, you will still be able to see tsunami signs, informing people what to do if the worst comes to shove and a destructive wave gives forth to another tragedy.

With these minute yet noticeable signs, we could still see the scar given by the tsunami to the country. An earthquake triggered the tsunami which further caused about 5,600 people to be buried on the cold ground, while more than 2,000 was included in the lists of missing people. This was tragic disaster that was definitely remorseful and most regrettable.

To commemorate and pay respects to those who have met their unfortunate demise on the hands of the tsunami, a light ceremony was held on Patong Beach. Paper Lanterns, Fireworks and candles topped on sand castles, brighten the night as people bowed with respect for those who have passed away on the tsunami disaster. Tourists and locals alike participated and reminisce the horrifying event that happened there 10 years ago.

Ten years have passed and the story of those who survived has echoed to different corners of the world already. However, the lights that drifted through that night when they commemorated the tsunami that passed a decade ago, will still be able to make you feel the grief and all the emotions felt by those who survived the tragic day on Thailand.